Bamboo Jacquard Crib Mattress Protector (Teddy Bear)


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Crib Mattress Protector Waterproof Pad Cover Fitted Sheet Organic Bamboo Hypoallergenic Soft for Infant and Toddler Standard Size Cribs

About the product
  • FOR A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP: With the Vesta Baby mattress cover you can help your little one take the best naps as it is ultra-absorbent and waterproof so you can protect the baby mattress from any stains or leaks. The Teddy Bear patterned pad is extremely soft and comfy for best results.
  • IDEAL FOR EVERY CRIB: The jacquard crib mattress topper was specially designed to easily fit any crib and baby bed. With its’ convenient 52’’ x 28’’ size, the cover will perfectly fit any standard sized crib and it has an extra-long 9’’ skirt so it can easily fit even larger beds!
  • HASSLE FREE WASHING: You will never again have to waste time and effort hand washing the mattress protector! The Vesta Baby mat cover is machine washable and dryer friendly so you can keep it clean and fresh at all times for your baby without wasting any energy!
  • PERFECTLY SAFE FOR YOUR BABY: The health of your baby comes first and this is why we make sure that no dangerous chemicals are used on the soft crib mattress cover. The unbleached protector is naturally white and it’s made with eco-friendly bamboo fabric that is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

Sweet Dreams For Your Baby On A Dry, Healthy Crib Mattress!

A deep night sleep that boosts the baby’s brain development and is essential for their growth!

However, accidental diaper leaks CAN happen, interrupting your little angel’s peaceful sleep!

Not anymore!

Vesta Baby has finally released the ultimate WATERPROOF, BREATHABLE baby mattress cover that will make sure your kid will plunge in the sweetest DRY dreams!

Say Hello To The Best Mattress Protector Pad!

Wave persistent stains goodbye with this premium baby mattress protector! No more nappy leaks, no more crying in the middle of the night for your infant or toddler!

Get your hands on an EXCELLENT QUALITY, SUPER ABSORBENT protectant pad that stands out:

· PERFECT SIZE 52”x28” to cover all standard-size crib mattresses in full

· VELVETY-SOFT feeling thanks to bamboo fiber manufacture & jacquard surface

· FITTED SHEET style & EXTRA LONG 9” Skirt for easy adjustment


· BREATHABLE and WATERPROOF convenience, to ward off bacteria, dust mites & mold growth

· GENDER-FREE cute Teddy Bear Pattern for baby boys & girls

· THIN and absolutely NOISE-FREE


A Great Gifting Idea!

Thrill the parents of an infant or toddler with the most thoughtful gift! The ideal BIRTHDAY or BABY SHOWER GIFT, this premium crib mattress cover will show off your excellent taste on all occasions!

Get Yours To Help Your Baby Sleep Like An Angel!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 9 x 2 in

Vesta Baby


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