What baby bean bag seat is best for you?

While shopping online you are able to find mainly two options of baby bean bag seats: already pre-filled and unfilled.

If you don't have time or simply don't want to search for the bean bag filler on the Internet or in the local stores in your area, guessing about the needed amount of polystyrene filler you will require for your particular type of baby bean bag chair, the option to buy a pre-filled baby bean bag seat is for you! Not to forget about all the difficulties connected with the process of filling in the bean bag with polystyrene beads. "These little guys" will be everywhere if you will not be prepared for this most of the times messy job. Most of the people think that it is easy to fill in the bean bag. But you don't have to underestimate these "little guys"! As soon as you relax for just a moment, the messy incident will happen.

If you are looking for a baby bean bag seat, but wish to save on shipping of large parcel and other included costs - an option to buy unfilled baby bean bag seat is for you! This kind of bean bags does not include any filler. You will have to buy polystyrene beans separately and fill the baby bean bag yourself.
So, if you are "the brave one", here are some useful tips on how to get ready for baby bean bag filling process and not to get covered with messy polystyrene beads all over:

First of all, please note that baby bean bag seats which you can purchase at vestababy.com require approximately 60 l (2 cu ft) of polystyrene beads. After you will buy the filler, make sure to find an open-space area (with no or minimum furniture) in your house, in your backyard or in the garage. You have to make sure that kids or pets won't have any access to this place until you will finish and clean up the place after the job is done.

Try to find something like a long tube in your house, for example, a vacuum cleaner extension tube. Make a small hole in the bag of polystyrene beads and insert the tube. Fix the bag on the tube with a rubber band to prevent beads from getting out of the bag. The same way fix the other side of the tube and the bean bag's lining. Then carefully proceed to fill the baby bean bag seat with the beads. Beads have to go fast and easy without pouring out.

Make sure to close all zippers tight. Always remember to remove the paper clip out of childproof zippers for the safety of children.