Aren’t you tired of gifting the same old toys to kids?

Even if you aren’t tired, be sure the kids might be fed up already of receiving the same thing for every holiday and birthday. There is just no surprise! Nobody wants the same old cars and dolls, anymore! There are thousands of other things that you can gift to kids. This year, if you plan to buy a present for a little one, think about something different than a toy. Instead of gifting to a child just another toy, gift something that he or she would be able to use for a long period of time.

Here are the top 10 non-toy gift ideas for kids:

  • Beautiful kids bedding sets:

Bedding sets are quite unique and not only would the kids love getting a few of those, but also their parents. Gift bedding set to a child this year and see the smile on his face.

  • Sleeping bags for kids:

There are a lot of different kinds of nice and fun sleeping bags in the market which are designed specifically for little kids.

  • Kids backpacks:

Kids backpacks are cute; if you want the child to thank you from the bottom of his heart, buy him a beautiful backpack.

  • Nap mats for kids:

How about gifting a beautiful nap mat to a child you adore a lot? Nap mats for kids are pretty and comfortable for them.

  • Teepee tents for little ones:

Nowadays you can use tents not only outdoors; now a lot of kids put up tents right in their room. Gift a teepee tent to a child and help him make his very own personal space.

  • Play rugs for the little angels:

Parents bless those who gift play rugs to their kids; such rugs allow the parents to get some free time for themselves as their kids are busy playing in their own world.

  • Wall clock for kid’s room:

Every child deserves to have a separate wall clock in his room; Help a child transform his room into a special one by gifting him a special wall clock.

  • Cute plush pillows for kids: 

With a new beautiful and cuddly plush pillow, your child will be able to decorate his or her room. Gift a plush pillow to a child and make his day.

  • Comforter for little beasts: 

After spending a tiring day at kindergarten or school, every child loves to snuggle inside his comforter.

  • Rolling luggage for kids:

Allow kids to carry their own luggage by gifting them rolling luggage suitcases.