What to put in the lunch box for your kid to school?

A good breakfast in the morning before going to school should become a must in every family. But beyond that, each mom should think about what to put in the kid's lunch box, so that the child could eat right during school breaks.

Healthy food is the key to the health of your children. It is very important to give the child to school a healthy lunch: this will provide him or her a long burst of energy. A healthy choice is fresh fruits, vegetables, a combination of animal and milk proteins.

Healthy food helps children to concentrate better on their studies. But modern moms know that it is not easy to follow all the tips for a diet of the child. Especially when it comes to the food that kid takes to school. Even if you put in the lunch box broccoli, whole grain bread, and an apple, it doesn't mean that it will be eaten. So, first, try to show an example by your lunch and encourage your child to prepare their own lunch (of course, under your supervision) or to make a list of products for lunch preparation. Always praise your child for choosing healthy food. The more participation your child will take in preparing of own school lunch, the more likely he or she will eat it.

Do not choose sweet dairy products which contain excess calories and often lead to allergies. Sugar negates all the advantages of milk. That's why sweet curds, sweet fruit yogurts, and chocolate milk have nothing to do with strengthening bones and teeth. Choose dairy products with natural taste or add chopped fruits or berries to a bottle of drinking yogurt yourself.

A BOTTLE OF WATER is a must!

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - use every opportunity to include seasonal fruits and veggies.


While making a sandwich for your child pay attention to grain small loafs of bread with bran or whole-grain foods. Also, very often children just get bored of the usual kind of sandwiches. That is so boring! Try to wrap the stuffing in pita bread, tortillas, or pancakes.

The filling should be beneficial and definitely diverse. Try to make a rough menu of fillings for the week. It can be:

• Apple, cheese, and nuts, baked in the oven
• Cheese, slices of cucumber and tomato, lettuce, grapes, a bit of natural yoghurt
• Tuna/salmon, hard-boiled egg, lettuce
• Apple, peanut butter, cinnamon
• Salmon, avocado, lettuce, sauce
• Chop/cutlet, vegetables
• Chicken, cheese, sauce, lettuce
• Mozzarella and homemade tomato paste, baked in a tortilla
• Pate, lettuce, dill
• Ham, egg, vegetables

*Avoid chocolate fillings, jams, honey, and fatty meat (pork or sausages like salami).

You only need to use your fantasy to spice up your kid's school lunches!