Tips for organizing fun indoor camping for kids

The great outdoors, cooking over a campfire, watching the stars and the moon come out, who does not love camping? Every kid in the world loves a night of camping. However, camping does not have to mean that it is imperative to invest in all the outdoor gadgets. What happens if there is no actual tent? If the tent is available and all the outdoor gadgets are already bought, what if the weather is foul and rains out the camping trip? Surprisingly a night of camping indoors is sure to give the kids what they want, and it does not have to break the bank.

Where can the campsite be set up? Usually, the living room or kitchen offers the most room to spread out. Elbow room is especially important for kids that will be eating snacks and soda. They can tend to really get into the moment and get a little crazy. If there is an actual tent available, use it. However, there are kid’s teepee tents available that are strictly for indoor use. Teepee tents are small and easy to set up in order to give the enjoyment of a tent without all the hassle.

The tent will have to provide enough room for the children to sleep during the camping trip. Small kid’s sleeping bags are the perfect solution. There is no need for the sleeping bag to have an extreme temperature rating for indoor camping. A fun character sleeping bag will be perfect for children of any age. If this camping trip is impromptu, do not stress! A pile of comfy blankets will serve the purpose just as well. Let the kiddos throw them in the tent and pile in on top.

As far as dinner goes, hot dogs are a must. They are the staple food while actually camping with kids, so why not have them for the indoor fun as well. Also, roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores are not just outdoor camping activities. Unbelievably, if the children are old enough, they can roast their own marshmallows over a tea light candle. This idea caught me by surprise, but it could not be any more perfect! It is their personal indoor campfire. Of course, this activity will have to be closely monitored and should only be done with children who are old enough to participate. Young children will need an adult to assist them with their candles and s’mores.

Right before bed make sure and turn out the lights to create the perfect camping atmosphere. Allow the children to break out flashlights and lanterns. This will provide a perfect beginning to ghost stories and shadow figures. Flashlights are guaranteed to be the highlight of the adventure for the evening. They will be entertained forever by figuring out how many different animals and shapes they can make with their hands.

Whether the weekend camping trip got rained out, or the kids want to have some friends over for an adventure, indoor camping is a perfect opportunity to make memories. The fun does not have to stop with teepee tents and kids sleeping bags. There are endless ideas and activities to keep them busy for the evening. Break out the inner child and have a blast camping in the living room!

Grace A.