Camping season is ending for the year, but it is never too late to prepare for the coming season. Let’s see how to choose the gear that will be needed for upcoming camping adventures. When camping with kid, your child will need his own gear as well: outdoor kids sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight. If an adult will need it, then a child will as well. With so many choices on the market today, what is the best method of narrowing them down to what will work for kids?

Here are a few questions to ask while choosing the best kid’s sleeping bag:

  • How long is it?

This seems like a pretty straight forward question. However, if this question is not answered, there is no way of knowing which department to shop in. A child that is 3 foot 3 inches tall will be able to buy a kid’s outdoor sleeping bag. If the child is 5 foot tall, they may have to upgrade to a teen or adult sized sleeping bag. This will also affect the pricing of the gear as well. Kid’s sleeping bags are often a few dollars cheaper than the adult sizes.

  • Which shape is best?

This will depend entirely on the child’s sleeping habits. Children that need lots of room to move around while sleeping will need a traditional rectangle sleeping bag. If the child enjoys being cozy and snug they will most likely do well with a mummy style sleeping bag while they are camping. Finally, the semi-rectangle sleeping bag will be a good mix of both styles. It still offers room to move but is cozy as well.

  • What type of camping is the family doing?

Upper-level temperature ratings are for warmer nights. This sleeping bag is not designed for cold nights. Comfort level temperature ratings are for semi-warm nights. These are ideal for temperatures around 65 degrees. Lower level temperature ratings are for cool nights. Sleeping bags in this category are recommended for cool sleeping conditions. Most families do not participate in extreme camping conditions, but the extreme temperature rating is recommended for cold weather camping.

  • How much money will be invested?

Kid’s sleeping bags can cost as little as $15 and as much as $100+. While the overall cost is not a deciding factor, it is important to decide how long the sleeping bag will be used. If this is a one-time use then the cheaper the better. However, if this is to be a multiple time adventure, then it is best to ensure that the sleeping bag will last as long as the child can use it. In this situation, always choose quality over quantity. It will be the best choice.

The final question is one of the most important.

  • What color does the child like?

As silly as it may seem, if the child is not happy with the color, he/she will not be happy to use it. Make it as easy as possible and ask the child before the kid’s sleeping bag is bought. Again, this is one sure-fire way to save money in the long run.

Camping is a great family past-time. It is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. Children and parents alike need to be prepared to be comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. Make sure and ask these important questions before buying a kid’s sleeping bag, to guarantee that it is the right fit for the family and child using it. They will truly be happy campers!