How to choose bedding for a child?

How to choose linens for a sound and healthy sleep of a child? What linens to choose for a newborn or preschooler? What color of bedding is preferred for children with different personalities and temperaments?

Is there anything more cute and touching than a sleeping child?!! All-day he can tirelessly run around the house and be naughty, but let him sleep – he becomes a veritable angel. Therefore, every mother wants her child’s night dreams to be sweet and strong, and that’s why special attention has to be paid to the choice of bed linen.

Natural materials:

If you are buying a bedding set for your child, first of all, find out what material it is made of. Baby bedding should be natural – this material will not cause an electrostatic effect and allergy for children’s delicate skin.

The most optimal would be cotton fabric: calico, chintz, sateen, and flannel.

For newborn infants, the best choice would be satin sheets. It is very strong and will adequately withstand dozens of washings, it is very soft and pleasant to the touch.


Very often, parents are guided by their own taste, but it would be correct to consider the preferences of your baby. There is a connection between the nature of the person and his perception.

For active children with excitable, moving psyche choose pale blue, sand, ochre and terracotta shades. These colors will help to relieve tension and soothe.

For calm children, you can choose brighter colors – delicious orange, apple green, etc. These colors positively affect the development of imagination and charge with a great mood for the day.

Bedding for newborns should have nice gentle colors, for example, peach, pale pink, pale blue, caramel. The pattern should be completely absent, or just should not be aggressive.

But for toddlers and kids pattern is a very important thing. Select for your child beautiful bed linen with fairy tale characters: let her favorite princesses or his fast rockets accompany the child during sweet nightly journeys. First of all, such beautiful bedding will serve that child always would be happy to go to bed. Secondly, while falling asleep in the company of favorite characters, the child will feel security and comfort. This means that he or she will be dreaming only of good things and see only good dreams!!!