Top 10 nursery theme ideas for boys

What are the best nursery theme ideas for boys?

  1. The most common baby boy theme is, of course, "Nautical theme": anchors, sails, sea knots, fishes, lifelines, whales, lighthouses, ships, sails, marine steering wheels and traditional red & blue & white colors. Also, for this kind of room style wooden accents and brown color can be used.
  2. Next popular boy nursery theme is "Space and Cosmos": rockets, planets, stars, the moon and the sun, spaceships, astronauts, and robots. The main color is usually blue, all details are bright and colorful.
  3. Other boys favorite nursery theme is "Cars". Which boy doesn't like cars? There are different options of how you can play with this idea and how to decorate the room.
  4. Can you imagine the United States of America without cowboys? We doubt it! "Cowboy" nursery design is everything about horses, cowboy boots and hats, lassos, cow print, cactuses, sheriff stars, horseshoes and wooden accents. Main colors are usually brown, cream, red and blue.
  5. "Airplanes" is a perfect baby boy room theme. Blue sky, white clouds, red airplanes, and adventurous little pilots. You can use shades of gray and cream colors.
  6. "Hot Air Balloons" or "Aerostats" is a very fun idea for your son's nursery. Most of the times it's supposed to be very colorful and joyful since any colors can be used. Just use the light color for the background to make all details pop up.
  7. "Animals" is another classic nursery theme. You can choose any specific character like a fox, monkey or bear or use Safari/Jungle, Noah's Ark, Forest or Farm animals idea with many related characters.
  8. Next popular these days nursery idea is all about "Chevron pattern". There are tons of options how to use this pattern in creating your baby's dream nursery, but for sure it will make your nursery look very modern.
  9. Have you heard of Scandinavian nursery design? Here main things are minimalism and functionality. One of the options is to create a "Black and White" nursery. No, you read this right and this is not a mistake! Especially if to remember that first months of life a baby’s retina is not fully developed and babies can only see huge contrasts between light and dark, or black and white. Black and white pictures and shapes are perfect for stimulation of baby’s vision. So, why not to use these colors as a whole design of the nursery?!!
  10. Finally, you can choose the classic baby boy nursery design with muted light colors: beige, white, blue and light blue. In some cases, turquoise color can be used to make interesting accents.