How to organize kids room?

The room is a very important place for every kid. Here child spends a lot of time playing, sleeping, studying and drawing. Parents have to arrange everything in the kids' room so, that the child will feel comfortable and will be happy to stay and play in it.

So, how to organize kids room right?

First of all, try to use the space of the room in a smart way. The room must have all necessary furniture, but there should be plenty of space for games. It will be very useful to separate kids room into zones – for games, sleep and study. You can even highlight those areas with color. For example, the walls in the sleeping area you can paint in a calm blue shade, the area for studies - in neutral green, and the play area can be more bright, with fun shades. If the walls in the room will be neutral, all baby pictures, posters, clocks and other bright decorations will look good on them.

Furniture for children's room has to be safe, durable and compact. Lighting in the children's room, both natural and artificial, is also a very important thing: room should have large windows and bright lamps. For bedding and curtains, choose fairy tale motifs and characters or other fun drawings.

For the floor, it is better to choose a rug that is easy to clean and do not absorb a lot of dust. On sale nowadays you can find kids rugs with pictures of towns, lawns, football fields, roads, etc.

As you know, kids love to draw on the walls. To avoid this, construct for your child a special screen-easel and place it in a convenient location.