First overnight stay of your child at a friend's house

Many children aspire to adult life. They are trying to behave as their older friends and asking parents to let them sleepover at a friend's house. But parents often believe that the child should sleep in his/her bed until a certain age.

Sooner or later, every child dream about spending a night with friends. They dream about having a pajama party and sleeping on an inflatable mattress, nap mat or in a sleeping bag. They imagine themselves talking to their best friends about everything all night long, telling secrets to each other until the morning comes. Although many kids are not yet ready to be independent and say goodbye to their Teddy Bears even for one night. Some kids are really very attached to their rooms and beds, so they will feel uncomfortable being not at home.
Here are some thoughts which you can consider before taking a final decision about the first overnight stay of your child at a friend's house:
Thinking about the age for the first overnight stay of your child at a friend's house, you need to consider at least two factors: the level of trust in the family, where the child is going to stay overnight and level of his/her independence.

It is important to know that another child and his parents are not a potential threat to your son or daughter. That they will not expose your child to any danger or will not ignore his requests or problems.

The child has to feel comfortable in the house where it was decided to stay overnight. If you see that your child is not ready to spend the night away from home, let his friend sleep in your house then. Of course, it must be by mutual prior arrangement with the parents of another kid.